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Gluten Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Looking for a coffee cake recipe that tastes delicious, but contains no refined carbs and a fraction of the added sugars compared to traditional coffeecake? Look no further! This recipe is family tested and approved for flavor and texture (i.e., just as good as the “normal” stuff). As a dietitian, I have three criteria for…… Continue reading Gluten Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake

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The Most Important Half of Your Plate

Dietitians often use the “Healthy Plate,”  combined with portion control, to help people plan healthy meals in order to help control their blood sugar, lower cholesterol and to lose weight.  The healthy plate is similar to the USDA’s “My Plate,” except that half of the plate is just vegetables, instead of fruits and vegetables.  The other half…… Continue reading The Most Important Half of Your Plate

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Easy 5 Minute Crepes (gluten free)

I love this recipe because it’s simple, easy and doesn’t require any expensive baking mixes or hard to find flours. It takes 5 minutes to prepare and is nutritious and delicious! Serve topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon and fresh berries! Easy Gluten Free Crepes Recipe (Makes 3-4 large crepes) Crepe Ingredients: 2 oz Light Cream Cheese…… Continue reading Easy 5 Minute Crepes (gluten free)

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3 Tips to Make Any Recipe Healthier

As a dietitian, it pains me just a little bit to ever follow a recipe completely, without trying to make it healthier with a few tweaks. Here are a couple tips and tricks I do on a regular basis to make recipes a little bit healthier. Tip: Use a blend of half whole wheat and half…… Continue reading 3 Tips to Make Any Recipe Healthier